What can we say about this luxury wheel brand that hasn't already been said, manufactured in Japan and one of the world's best known brands. Stunning and beautifully designed 1 and 3 piece wheels fitted to many of the world's leading celebrities vehicles, heavily associated with the rap and hip-hop scene in America.

Available for a range of luxury vehicles for the likes of Mercedes Benz, BMW and Lexus to name a few, in colours and finishes from full 3d chrome to the all new Noir and polished finish now in production. From 19" up to the latest range topping 24" billet aluminium Lowenhart have it all to offer.

lowenhart black lt8 22 inch
lowenhart l1c1 black
lowenhart l1c1 polished
lowenhart lc1 chrome
lowenhart lg1 barlett chrome
lowenhart lg1 barrett brushed
lowenhart lg1 barrett diamond noir
lowenhart ls5 diamond noir
lowenhart ls5 matt diamond silver
lowenhart lt5 diamond noir
lowenhart lt5 chrome
Ilowenhart lt8 - 1 piece
Ilowenhart lt8 black 22 inch
lowenhart lt8 diamond
lowenhart lt8 chrome
lowenhart lt8 silver 22 inch diamond silver
lowenhart lt8 silver
lowenhart lvd diamond
lowenhart lvd chrome
22 inch lowenhart lt8 range rover sport
Range 20Rover 20HST 2022 20Inch 20Lowenhart 20LT8
range rover sport 22 inch lowenhart lt8
bentley continental gt 22 inch lowenhart lt8 diamond silver
bentley gtc 22inch lowenhart lt8 lx
bentley lowenhart lt8 lx
Bmw 20X6 20Front-Shot 2022 20Inch 20Lowenhart 20LT8
Bmw 20X6 2022 20Inch 20Lowenhart 20LT8
bmw x5 22 inch lowenhart lt8
bmw x5 lowenhart lt8 22 inch
Range 20Rover 20Sport 20HST 20Side 20Shot 2022 20Inch 20Lowenhart 20Lt8
Range 20Rover 20Sport 20Lowenhart 20Silver 20LT8
RR 20Sport 2022 20Inch 20Lowenhart 20Lt8 20Silver
Side 20Profile 20Bmw-X6 2022 20Inch 20Lowenhart 20LT8
range rover sport 22 inch lt8 lowenhart diamond silver